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Commercial Roof Installation

Commercial Roof Installation

Replacing the whole commercial property roofing system can become very hard quickly. While the budget is the primary driving factor when it comes to commercial roof installation decisions, it is not the only one when making such investment. Adding pizzazz to the property will help to attract newfangled customers and tenants.

Make the Top Usable

The topmost portion of the building is usually unuse because people do not go on top regularly. With the right precautions of safety, the rooftop can be the place for playing for kids or an area to sit for adults. This amenity will make the condo or apartment exceedingly attractive for tenants, especially the ones that appreciate a place that is semi-private to enjoy or relax reading the book outside. With planning that is effective, value added to your property through commercial roof installation can offset the leading cost of installing a commercial roof.

Create a Good-looking Visual Experience

Several structures do not bear the design of handling additional weight that may come with the dramatic project conversion. Eliminating a rooftop that is sloped and replace it with a space that is flat creates issues of damage and other complications that are prohibitively impractical and expensive. Rather, you need to consider options which make the traditional metal and tile surfaces more appealing aesthetically. If an airport or overpass is in the neighborhood, then advertising or artwork decor on the top may be visible to the passersby. In different settings, a sculpture found on the edge or peak can attract some attention. Sponsor one local artist and the investment will display that your business is supporting the culture of your community.

Choose to Go Green

The other option of making commercial roof installation successful is to buy the green roof. Growing in its popularity, especially in areas that are populated, green spaces give dwellers an option of owning a garden. Even though projects of commercial roof installation include materials that are waterproof, not all of these materials are compatible with gardening. The gardeners’ foot traffic will wear all shingles and other surfaces. The contractor, Yukon Roofers & Siding Repair Services, will recommend a surface that is durable and that one that does not heat.

Built-Up Roofing

If you have realized a flat roof on the commercial building, the chances are that it is a built-up roof. It is a traditional gravel and hot tar design. This roof bears its built-up name from the number of bitumen layers used in the creation of the floors. The framing structure has layers of moisture and waterproofing barriers laid in the criss-cross pattern. While the materials have traditionally been in the form of the tar paper, sheets of fiberglass have become popular in use of late. Actual bitumen is from gravel and hot tar or other materials like lava rock, white marble, and sand. Professionals at Yukon Roofers & Siding Repair Services measure this roofing the layers in the structure to represent quality.

Single Ply Roofing

The difference of this and the one above is the single layer use in creating the roof. This can be done with the help of the membrane made of rubber. These roofs bear the design of having a long span of life and are resistant to water. They come in various types but most of them are from of poly-vinyl chloride, TPO, or EPDM. Commercial roof installation varies greatly from the above type as these materials do not need different waterproofing layers. You can install the single ply over the roofing frame directly. This will allow for more energy efficient and green roof as compared to the other.

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