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Residential Roof Installation

Residential Roof Installation

Homeowners have various designs to make while electing to have their roofs replaced. Projects of residential roofing involve different techniques and materials. After selecting a roofer that is experienced like Yukon Roofers & Siding Repair Services, the homeowner has to explore different available types of roofs. They need to look for roofs that are durable and protect the home. They need to be affordable.

Shingles Designed for your Home

Shingles made from asphalt are traditional materials of roofing and are still the most populous in the North of America. They get reinforced with fiberglass or organic felts, with fiberglass being more populous with many homeowners. The cost implication of the shingles starts at close to eighty cents per square foot that is installed. The installation process is simple, a collection of colors and styles, and maintenance and repair processes are easy.

Shingles of fiberglass feature the fiberglass mat and the bottom or top layers are made from asphalt and mineral granules. Fiberglass is a great reinforcement since it creates shingles that are durable. Asphalt has the quality of waterproofing and granules of minerals that make it stick to your fiberglass mat. The quality varies between the manufacturers, therefore, consultation and comparison with professional roofers are recommended.

Laminated shingles should be your option when it comes to residential roof installation when you have constraints of the budget. Multiple material thickness are then laminated and then attached to the heavy base mat, creating a shingle that is thicker. Often referred to as the architectural shingle, it features shadow lines which make it seem like a wood shake or slate shingle. The layered or three dimensional look is preferred by homeowners and it does a great job of hiding the imperfections of the structure of the roof.

Warranties for Residential Shingles

According to pricing, shingles of asphalt have an expected life of up to fifty years and have a warranty of twenty years. Shingles that are used in residential roof installation in warm climates have a short life expectancy and issues of durability, weather, and material shorten their life. The consumers have to consult experienced roofers like Yukon Roofers & Siding Repair Services concerning preferred asphalt shingles for their houses.

Typically, the architectural shingle weighs fifty percent more than the standard shingle of asphalt. This is good for improving resistance to wind and makes warping a less likely happening. A typical shingle bears the rating of sixty miles per hour for wind, but the architectural shingle has a rating of between eighty to one hundred and twenty miles per hour for wind. You will get a warranty of up to thirty years with the architectural shingle when used in residential roof installation.

Why use the residential roofing company?


A residential contractor has the expertise and knowledge required to install the roof. He can identify your requirements based on the environment and budget, and then suggest the right roofing solution. Also, the contractor has the latest equipment and technology needed to build roofs.


Many roofing contractors like Yukon Roofers & Siding Repair Services provide maintenance services and will help increase the life of the roof. Maintenance will ensure safety of the residents and their belongings.

Debris removal

You need professional assistance to help eliminate the debris of the roof. The residential roof installation company would provide debris removal and disposal services. They will also cause minimal damage to the home during the installation.

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